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Immerbessor & Darrel

Trainers influences include Major Anders Lindgren, Alexandra Howard and most recently 5 star FEI Judge Lilo Fore.

Our students and trainers have earned multiple championships and awards. However, we believe the relationship and journey with the horse is the most treasured and remembered of all.

A characteristic of a good trainer is the ability to look at a horse and rider and decide what to adust to make an improvement or address a problem. One simple change may resolve ten other issues. That kind of understanding and ability to communicate, makes training less complicated, builds confidence, and makes for a happier horse and rider.

Major Anders Lindgren liked to say, "Every horse has something to teach us, and every ride is an opportunity to deepen understanding and advance our skills."

That sort of optimism requires clarity that comes with knowledge, experience and a solid working plan.

Understanding the Training Scale from the saddle, how each part (Rhythm, Suppleness, Connection, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection) mechanically work and relate to the other parts to create the motion of the horse, are the keys to developing our skills and confidence as riders. Applying those mechanics to training patterns and dressage tests (the tests really are constructed around the Training Scale)  bring clarity to the process.

Sharing that process is unique to each horse and rider. Michelle and Darrel tailor their program to the way individual riders learn as opposed to repeating the same instructions and expecting everyone to hear and learn the same way. We welcome riders of all ages and skill levels, and although we are active competitors, those not interested in showing receive the same support and attention as those that do.

More than twenty-seven years, teaching and training together, Michelle and Darrel's caring approach, humor, and pursuit of Anders expectation for each horse and every ride, create a supportive atmosphere for both horse and rider to enjoy developing their skills together.

Haul-In Lessons

Although The Ultimate Piaffe is a full care facility, it's not necessary to board your horse here to benefit from our trainers attention, haul-in students are always welcome. In fact some of our most successful competitors keep their horses at home, and schedule either a single haul-in lesson or plan to stay a few days.

No matter if you are boarding or hauling in , have goals that include championships or simply want a deeper level of communication with your horse, we encourage all levels of riders to commit themselves to gaining an understanding how their position and influence can help create a trusting relationship with your horse.

 Our trainers take pride in providing a safe and supportive atmosphere where at the end of each session the rider goes away feeling confident having worked towards a clear goal and has a plan of what to work on before the next session. For the horse it's essential that they trust the rider and the process. Our trainers help their riders unlock the potential of their horse without loosing the horses character. Nothing is more rewarding then having a horse be willing to work and to truly enjoy the relationship.


Sabra Olson has waited a long time for this beautiful filly.  Sabra, formerly a resident of Michigan, was a 2006 winner in the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. auction.  By 2009 Sabra had moved to Colorado and Ideal frozen semen was shipped to Sabra.  In 2014 she had one straw of Ideal frozen semen left and she bred her mare, Trillion, with success.  The filly Iris was born July 13, 2015, after almost a 10 year wait for an Ideal offspring. The plans are to take Iris to an ISR/Oldenburg N.A. evaluation to have her registered.  Congratulations Sabra, your patience paid off. 

Returning home from their first show together, Finn & Darrel placed second at 3rd Level.

Family owned and managed since 1987, The Ultimate Piaffe has been involved in training horses and instructing riders, providing quality equine care and service, breeding, foaling, sales and marketing for nearly thirty years and Carol has decided that’s long enough. It’s time to simplify her life, spend more time with family and friends, relax a little (if she wants to) or even take a long overdue vacation, so she has sold the farm property.

Carol will continue running Sport Horse Marketing Internationale representing Stallions, working with breeders and coordinating shipments with Dr. Lisa Metcalf.

We have a six month lease on the farm and will continue to teach and train at the Ultimate Piaffe while looking for another facility to move our clients with their horses as well as a few Ultimate Piaffe horses.  Michelle and Darrel would like to find a facility and re-establish themselves sooner rather than later.

 In order to make an easy transition, we hope to find a facility in the Wilsonville, West Linn, Tualatin or Sherwood area that might be available and are looking forward to who and what opportunities we’ll meet with this next step. 

That said, until our program moves we are still located on seven acres along Zivney Lane, off Stafford Road in Lake Oswego. Surrounded by trees and pastures that offer the tranquility of being far away from it all, while only twenty minutes from Portland.

Completely fenced with a security gate at the entrance, our family both lives and works on the property. Horses are never left alone, their routines, individual personalities and habits are familiar and closely monitored.  Veterinary services are provided by Scott Handson, DVM and his staff at Columbia Equine. Farrier services are provided by Joe MacKee. However in both cases clients are free to retain another if they like.

The Ultimate Piaffe is a place for riders and their horses to enjoy and develop their partnership together. We are a full care facility. Services (seven days a week) include: feeding and fresh water provided morning and evening (hay included, grain and supplements billed separately), daily turnout in spacious pastures, blankets put on and taken off as needed, and stalls cleaned each day at 6:00 am, 10:00 am, 1:30 pm, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. In the event any medical attention is required and requested  (wraps, oral or injectable medications, etc. as per veterinarian instructions) are billed separate and in addition to the monthly rate.

If you are looking for a supportive, friendly atmosphere and a professional, well communicated Dressage Program tailored to you and your horses personal goals; with  peace of mind that your equine partner is receiving the very best, experienced full-care and attention, then we invite you to call Darrel at 503-317-8051. We're happy to answer any questions and schedule a personal tour all about you and your horse and how we may be your place to call home.

For price information on boarding and training click on frequently asked questions tab (FAQ).

Immerbessor . . . Photo by Chris Maylone
Finn's Birthday
Gauguin's Ideal (Boo) & Darrel
Gauguin's Ideal (Boo) & Darrel

Joyce Ryder . . .

In making the transition from hunters to dressage I invested my time visiting the area’s dressage facilities as well as watching and taking lessons. Walking into The Ultimate Piaffe, I experienced a feeling I had not had before. It felt like family. Perhaps the fact that it's a smaller facility lends itself to a more intimate environment and the boarders, students, and staff completely supported each other. The horses, too, seem to benefit in being one of a handful instead of dozens. They were relaxed and confident in their stalls with not a cribber or stall weaver among them. I was even more pleased to see that the horses were turned out, some in small groups, others alone but each enjoying the freedom to just be a horse.

 From my first lesson with Darrel we just clicked and I felt like suddenly things started making sense. After each lesson I could reflect back and realize that not only did I learn something new each time but I understood the practical application of what I had learned and how it related to my dressage goal. Darrel understands how the rider influences the horse and has helped me to not just improve my position but to make a positive influence on my horse through my natural aids. I know I'm successful when I have communicated with the horse and she responds with willingness and clarity.

 I found my new home and have started on a wonderful dressage journey. Darrel is riding, training, and showing my gelding and while he comes along, Carol has generously allowed me to ride her lovely Oldenburg mare Boo. Michelle has been helping me build my relationship with my gelding Bessor on the ground with her in hand and liberty lessons. She teaches that in a herd of two I am the leader and that horses really do want to trust in their rider or handler to keep them safe. I've been riding and showing for years but this is the first time I've truly understood my horses and our relationship has blossomed.

Amy Vandenburgh . . .

I have been riding with The Ultimate Piaffe for over ten years and can testify to their constant efforts to go above and beyond in helping riders reach their goals while providing optimal care and attention for every horse. Owners/trainers live on site and keep a watchful eye over the horses 24 hours a day and respond to their every need. Whether your goals are to compete at a high level or simply improve your skills and enjoy your horse in a relaxed and beautiful setting, you will not find a more fulfilling and welcoming group of people to enhance your equestrian experience.

Charlotte Haines . . .

I have been a the Ultimate Piaffe for quite awhile and I love it. To begin, both Darrel and Michelle are excellent trainers and, even better, they really care about you and your horse. They and their staff are all very watchful of the horses boarded there and tend notice even the slightest thing that seems wrong so injuries (which always happen with horses) are found quickly and taken care of quickly. Recently, they have been making some improvements and now have a beautiful new sand arena outside as well as a new wash rack with warm water for Winter. There is always someone close by to keep an eye on things which is also nice. I think anyone interested in learning Dressage would be well advised to check this place out because the quality of the training is excellent and you can be assured your horse is being treated well.

Val Zeek . . .

The trainers, Michelle and Darrel, are very conscientious about the comfort level of both the riders and the horses. They want their students and equine to be competitive, but still have fun and enjoy riding. The horses boarded there are treated like family. With someone on the property at all times, the horses needs are seen at all hours of the day or night. I enjoy working with them and love the support and care they show me and my horses. I know that they will be in my corner at the shows, helping me get ribbons and go up the levels.

Michelle and Darrel are the nicest people in the whole world. whether you are serious about dressage, their horses, or just want some basic instruction they are there for you. nice clean facility, inside and outside arenas. their stud, Ideal, was even made into a Breyer horse--great recognition!!

Mia & Delta
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