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We are now adding Online Videos to our family made Website. Thank you for your patience as we experiment with this technology. (Let's face it ... Pop grew up winding copper wires on round Quaker Oats Boxes making cat  whisker's crystal sets ... so the cyber space stuff comes slowly.) 

Ultimate Piaffe Online Video Library

  • Ideal Movie (made a few years ago and released on CD Rom - IDEAL
  • Inbegriff2003 Stallion Video Preview   (Real Movie™)
  • In Step Evaluation Video Preview (Real Movie™)
  • In Step October 2002 Preview (Real Movie™)
  • In Vogue Evaluation Video Preview (Real Movie™)
  • In Vogue October 2002 Video Preview (Real Movie™)
  • In Vogue October 2002 Video Preview (Real Movie™)
  • Immer Joy Proxy's 2003 Foal Preview (Real Movie™)
  • Ikuma and Ibiza July 2, 2003 Preview (Real Movie™)
  • Ikuma Trot July 7 Video (Real Movie™)
  • Ibiza Trot July 7 2003 Video (Real Movie™)
  • Infinite Grace Cross Country Movie (Windows Media) Watch 
  • Infinite Grace Stadium Jumping (Windows Media) Watch
  • Birth of Ryndam's 2005 Colt by Ideal Windows Media  Reel Movie 
  • Teeger's First Day Outside Windows 
    Real Movie

We will be adding more Online Previews and more software options as we get the hang of it.

If you want to see full length versions of any of the above sent by mail, e-mail

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