The #1 Oldenburg Stallion for Premium Foals 
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The Ultimate Piaffe of Lake Oswego, Oregon welcomes you to this Website dedicated to IDEAL...  our German Born, German Branded and German approved resident Four Star Stallion. This site also reports on Inbegriff his True Black Son who also stands here and Gauguin de Lully the fabled International Favorite who was represented exclusively in the USA by Carol Ives. This Website also proudly Chronicles the Accomplishments of the Offspring of these remarkable Stallions.     

Three Premium Mares of the season, including the
Highest Scoring Premium Mare Ever Recorded!

Already known as the #1 producer of ISR/Oldenburg N.A. Premium Foals, Ideal has made history again this time as the sire of Irresistible, the Highest Scoring Premium Mare Ever Recorded.

For over a decade and a half, Ideal has earned his place as one of the top sires in North America, but it is the recognition of his abilities by the breeders that keep him on top.  



Molly Schligten is the owner and the girl in the picture

Breeders, like Irresistible’s Oldenburg Farm recognizes Ideal’s consistency in producing exceptional movement and kind, tractable minds in his offspring.

Ideal was selected for the Riverman/Cor Noir mare River Girl.  The 2002 result, Irresistible, captivated Dressage competitor Molly Schlitgen who purchased the lovely gray filly shortly before presenting her to the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. jury.  The filly earned Champion Premium Filly status with an 8.5 in the movement category as well as an 8.3 in Conformation and 8.2 Over All.

Molly Schlitgen, who is an active rider and competitor with her Weltmeyer daughter admits she is far more familiar with the Dressage ring then the process of the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. Mare Evaluation and scoring which might have been a good thing.  Molly said that had she understood the value of the score Irresistible received at the August 2006 evaluation, she might have fainted. In fact, it took an email from Barbara Brysch, wife of ISR/Oldenburg N.A. Director Ekkehard Brysch to learn of the record-breaking news.

In the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. history countless mares sired by Approved warmblood stallions from Europe and North America and mares imported from Europe have gone through the approval process.  It is nothing short of phenomenal that the Ideal daughter Irresistible is the highest scoring mare ever recorded with an astonishing 117 points.

Irresistible has excellent balance in hand and substance while maintaining a definite feminine elegance.  Her highest individual score was in the movement group.  Her Dressage future looks bright and the jury agreed by giving irresistible a 9.0 in Swing and Elasticity of Movement.  Yes, a 9!

The Ultimate Piaffe wishes to acknowledge and congratulate all involved in producing this record-breaking mare.  To Hilltop Farms and their stallions Riverman and Cor Noir, to River Girl’s breeder Diane Rosenburg and to Oldenburg Farm and Irresistible’s owner Molly Schlitgen, Well Done.  


Shown presenting INGO'S KATZE is Darrell Purdy who is now training her under Michelle's supervision.

At the Ultimate Piaffe’s ISR/Oldenburg N.A. Evaluation August 13, 5-year-old mare Ingo’s Katze broke a site record of her own.  Ingo’s Katze was named in honor of Ingo Pape, the world famous Hanoverian breeder who bred her dam, Catinka.  As a filly “Kit” earned Reserve Champion Premium in 2001, interestingly enough placing second to In Step, the 3rd Premium Mare of 2006 (more to come).

In 2005, owners Charlotte and Melissa Haines presented Ingo’s Katze for her Mare Evaluation but fell short of the 105 points that qualifies premium status.  There was talk of representing in ’06 but in 17 years of testing at this site, the few mares represented in following years never picked up the extra points.

In early Summer 2006, the Dressage work and maturity balanced out the 16.2 mare and the Haines decided to try again.  The year made all the difference.  In fact, Ingo’s Katze made history herself.  Her Premium score of 109 points is the highest score recorded at the test site’s 17-year history.  The 2001 bright Chestnut mare that scored an 8 in her walk is, regretfully, for sale. 

Ingo’s Katze and Irresistible share more in common than Ideal as their sire.  Ingo’s Katze’s dam Catinka, the imported Hanoverian mare, is the connection.  Catinka is also the dam of Cor Amie by Cor Noir.  Cor Amie is the dam of River Girl, which is the dam of Irresistible.  Just like that!  

IN STEP 105 Points 


Pamela Lynn is the owner and the lady in the pictures. The name of the handler (man in red shirt)  is Dean Graham.

In Step, the 2001 filly took the Championship title over Ingo’s Katze with an impressive 9.0 in movement. Geographic challenges didn’t distract Pamela Lynn of Ocala, Florida in her pursuit of her next Dressage prospect.  The professional dressage trainer found something special in the deep chestnut mare.  So much so that it made little difference that she had to come to Oregon to find what she had been looking for. 

Like the two Ideal sisters, In Step didn’t go from mud puddles to sunshine to live a life of a broodmare but when your fancy dressage prospect happens to be a mare, an insurance policy is built in that isn’t an option with a gelding.  Although a bit slow to develop, Pamela Lynn’s exceptional care and spot on conditioning produced a shining, round, suddenly matured ‘Velvet’ for the Pennock Point, Florida, October 1, ISR/Oldenburg N.A. evaluation.  In Step proved that Pamela Lynn’s quest to Oregon was a smart choice, not only do they have a true connection to each other, In Step brought her delighted owner a Premium Mare Award with a score of 105 points.

In Step, Ingo’s Katze and Irresistible, three Premium Foals who grew into stunning Premium mares that have undoubtedly given Ideal a deserved recognition.


Karen Cheeke’s ILIZA passes her MPT (Mare Performance Test) with a 66 +

                         Ridden by Cynthia Lamb

Iliza, a 1999 Premium Filly by Ideal passed her MPT on Saturday, July 30 at Letter Perfect Farm in Boring, Oregon.  The lovely bay filly was spectacular in her jumping where she received her highest scores.  Iliza is now eligible for a star for Performance of the Mare in the Star Award System (SAS) for mares.  Karen shows Iliza in dressage and has qualified for ODS Championships to be held at Devonwood Equestrian Center in September.

Three Premium IDEAL Mares ... including the Highest Scoring Mare of all Time!

                         Irresistible                                         In Step                                             Ingo's Katzie 

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