This contract is made by and between the ULTIMATE PIAFFE and


is for breeding of the mare named ________________________________________

and the stallion IDEAL, 33-01033-85, for the 2012 Breeding season. 

The breed of the mare is _______________________________________________

Color ___________________________________Foaled_______/_______/______

by _______________________________________________________________  

out of_____________________________________________________________


Registry and Number (if registered) _____________________________________


1. The determination of the mareís condition for breeding is the purchasers responsibility.

2. There is a $300 booking fee.

3. Frozen semen straws are available at $500 for the first straw and $300 for the second straw. . 1 to 2 straws are a breedng dose.  Each 5 ml. Straw contains One billion  sperm at 70% average motility.

4. If the above named mare does not ultra sound in foal after the first breeding cycle using two straws, one or two more straws of frozen semen can be purchased at $150  per straw.  

5. There is a flat charge of $450 by Honahlee (who ships the frozen semen) to prepay the shipping charge both ways in the U.S. and includes the preparation of the frozen semen tank for shipment.  For local breedings, the charge for the tank preparation fee without the shipping fee is $185.

6. For best results, the frozen semen should be shipped to a clinic that accepts and uses frozen semen.  

7. After receipt of the frozen semen, the container must be shipped back within seven (7) days using the enclosed self-addressed prepaid Federal Express air bill. After 7 days, a late container fee of $10.00 per day will be charged. 

8. Interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on outstanding balances over 90 days old.  

9. It is the purchaserís responsibility to contact the Ultimate Piaffe (503 638-7716)  to request shipment of frozen semen and to give the shipping address. If the above named mare dies or becomes unfit to be bred before being served, a mare may be substituted.  

10. If the frozen semen has been shipped and the client does not wish to substitute another mare, the semen may be returned at the purchasers expense and a refund of the straw charges will be given. A veterinary certificate will be required. 

11. This agreement shall be interpreted, construed and governed by the laws of the State of Oregon. I agree that if it is necessary for either party to file a lawsuit arising out of this agreement, they will only file the lawsuit in Clackamas County in the State of Oregon. If any legal action is necessary to enforce the terms of this contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and collection costs.  

12. When the Ultimate Piaffe, by its authorized representative, signs and returns one copy of this contract, it will be a binding contract on both parties subject to the above terms and conditions and is not transferable or assignable.

The Ultimate Piaffe  signature



City/State _____________________________________________Fax_______________________



$500  1 straw  (24% of the frozen semen breedings have used 1 straw on 1 heat cycle)
$300  Booking Fee


$800  2 straws  (No frozen semen breeding has taken more than 2 straws per heat cycle)
$300   Booking Fee

           $450  Prepaid shipping both ways and includes tank preparation fee.
         $185 Tank Preparation fee and use your Federal Express Account.

ďOver 11 years, Ideal has an 89% per heat conception rate and 93% pregnancy rate with frozen semen.  The acceptable average is 48% per cycle.

 Dr. Lisa Metcalf, MS DVM Diplomate  
 American College of Theriogenologists 

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For further information regarding the motility, quality and use of Idealís frozen semen, please have your vet contact Dr. Lisa Metcalf, Honahlee, PC, 14005 SW Tooze Rd, Sherwood, Or., 503 682 3898

Mail to:  Ultimate Piaffe, 1180 SW  Zivney Lane, Lake Oswego, Or. 97034

Fax to:  503 638 8099 Or forward as an attachment to