2008 ISR/Oldenburg N.A. Inspection Results at the Ultimate Piaffe, August 30, 2008

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REPORT FROM 19th Annual Mare & Foal Evaluation at The Ultimate Piaffe

Ideal presented at 19th Annual Mare and Foal Evaluation 

Northwest Reputation of Quality Reaches Germany

While performing judging duties in Europe, ISR/Oldenburg N.A. Breeding Director, Christian Schacht, sometimes finds it necessary to defend sport horse breeding in North America.  When his peers doubt quality, it is the Northwest Breeders who help prove them wrong.  Specifically, breeders who have presented foals at the Ultimate Piaffe’s annual evaluation.  Schacht addressed the gathering at the Lake Oswego, Oregon, inspection August 30, and explained how at the end of the day of judging in Germany, he would pop in the DVD and sit back and delight as his fellow judges express disbelief that such impressive horses were being bred in the United States. The DVD consists of foals presented over the years by the dedicated breeders in this region and provides the proof that quiets the question of quality.

Christian had previously attended the Ultimate Piaffe’s evaluation as an assistant but this would be his first time under the title of Breeding Director.  As Schacht began the days judging, his passion for horses was instantly appreciated, his enthusiasm carried over into his hands-on approach to scoring.  Eleven mares where presented and three went on to earn the distinction of Premium Mare status.  Schacht had no trouble remembering from the DVD the day’s highest scoring mare, Holly Scribners grey Inzo.  As a filly the Oldenburg by Ideal earned the highest individual movement score in the registry in 2003 with a 9.0.  Inzo earned a final score of 107 points.  Immerjoy, also by Ideal, earned her Premium status with 105 points.  

              Holly Scribners INZO by Ideal 107 Points              The Ultimate Piaffe's Immerjoy by Ideal 105 points

The hosts were happy to once again have Elk Run Farm participate in this evaluation with three entries.  Their 13-year-old Canadian warmblood mare, Lady Hawk by Lynx, who had a colt by Raffaello at her side, earned the second highest Premium Mare score with 106 points.  Her colt, Red Bull opened up a topic that gave Schacht the opportunity to share his experiences.  During the presentation, Red Bull jumped over a triangle pole.  As Schacht read off the movement score.  He said, “he had a good canter and an impressive jump”.  The audience chuckled and Christian said, “your laughing”, but there was a big discussion last year at the World Breeding Federation whether we do the scoring of babies over fences or cavalittis”.  He continued, “Jumping should be like a finger print…this baby will jump in three years the same”.  “Of course the fear is that breeders would start training the babies but” he said, “ we are very happy when we see babies jumping over the ground poles because we are excited to see if we have a show jumper.”

Christian brought to the 19th Annual Inspection recognition for the foals that had movement more suitable for the Hunter ring.  Several times he pointed out foals that were “straight legged movers in front which was more fashionable for Hunters”.  Then saying, “for Dressage we want the horses and movement to be in an uphill position”.  A few breeders were pleased with the news having bred specifically for a Hunter!

Early in the presentation of the foals, a wonderful moving filly by a famous international stallion gave Schacht an opportunity to speak on the Premium Foal requirement change implemented this tour.  As the handler stood the foal in front of the audience Schact said “If you can see today in the front foot, there is a little mistake and we make the decision that for Premiums we want to have the perfect one” adding “sometimes you have a good mover with some weakness in conformation in his anatomy” his voice emphasized the importance “warning of the biomechanical use of the horse can affect basic ridability and ridability is affected by soundness”. Fortunately he told the breeder that with the help of a blacksmith, this will be a wonderful baby.

Seven of the foals earned Premium Status.  The Reserve Champion Filly, Synamon Swirl by Sempatico, bred by Blue Field Farm was praised for her modern type and beautiful face; Christian commented that she would be interesting for Hunters.  Her Conformation score 8.3, her Movement 8.0, and Overall Impression of 8.2 gave her a final score of 8.2.  Catherine Ulrey’s filly Esmerelda, by Escudo II and out of Midnight Heist, boldly took charge of the ring demonstrating her uphill balance, sometimes on two legs, leaving no doubt that her future was Dressage wflhen her movement score of 8.6 (second highest of the day) helped secure the Champion Filly position.  An 8.1 in Conformation and 8.3 in Overall Impression gave her a final score of 8.3

The Pablo colt Tegan spoke to Christian’s musical side.  Commenting on the colt’s movement he said he demonstrated “one wonderful step just like the other and in super balance”.    “If you are trying to play piano, you could use him, I think it’s very hard to get the rhythm he showed today”.  Lisa Lynn’s colt earned Reserve Champion status with an 8.3 in all categories.

Before announcing the Champion Colt, Schacht turned to the audience and delivered a suggestion to riders and trainers looking to purchase new horses.  “Gas prices and taxes are very high in Germany, it’s very expensive to live there and its very expensive to breed horses there…. but you, you have wonderful horses here…you don’t need to have the expenses of buying German horses when you have such quality right here.”  

Intrepid Champion Premium Colt by IDEAL
Pictures by Mary Cornelius

The youngest foal of the inspection, Intrepid, earned Champion Premium Colt with the highest individual scores in all three categories.  The chestnut colt bred by Michele Beard and by the Oldenburg stallion Ideal, scored 8.4 in Conformation, 8.7 in Movement and 8.4 in Overall Impression earning 8.5 total score.  Schacht said of the charismatic colt, “He has super conformation, is a wonderful mover and just look at the neck and shoulder and this is why Intrepid is the highest scoring foal of the Ultimate Piaffe’s inspection.

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Inspection at Mullet Hall Equestrian Center John's Island, South Carolina

Judge says of Premium Filly, "Iridescent Pearl has a Perfect Neck and Shoulder!"


Iridescent Pearl, out of Taylor's Comet and by Ideal, was presented at the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. inspection on August 3, at Mullet Hall Equestrian Center in John's Island, South Carolina.  She was bred by Kim Fordney of Charleston, South Carolina.

The mare (Taylor's Comet) got Premium and Iridescent Pearl also scored premium with 8.3 for conformation- the judge said she had a perfect neck and shoulder!

Note to owners - If you have pictures from this event, please send them to us and we will post them. 


Inzo, Ideal x First Dove, Holly Scribner                                            107 Premium Mare

Lady Hawk, Lynx x Kathreina, Elk Run Farm                                    106 Premium Mare

Immerjoy, Ideal x Proxy, the Ultimate Piaffe                                     105 Premium Mare

DJ Whitney, Uncaged x Miss Clatskanie, Stone Lily Farm                103

Destiny,  Impresario x Lus Hearts Desire, Michele Beard                 100

Secret Venture, Secret PrincexVenturesome Miss, Stone Lily Farm 99

Princess Grace, Musing x Lady, Pheasant Hill Farm                          99 Pre Mare

Raindevous, Rainbow x Art of Dixie, AC Sport Horses                      98

Diana, Bluefield Farms                                                                        97

Imnaha, Ideal x Alu Minchah, Sarah Asby                                          95

Bonita, Bluefield Farms                                                                       95 Pre Mare

Intrepid 8.5 Premium Champion Colt 


Intrepid, Ideal x Destiny, Michele Beard                                            8.5 Premium Champion 

            Type     8.4       Move     8.7            Overall                            8.4 

Teagan, Pablo x Exclusiveness, Lisa Lynn                                         8.3  Premium

            Type     8.3       Move     8.3            Overall                            8.3

Sterling, Sempatico x Kitty Up, Willow Spring Farm                        8.2 Premium

            Type     8.2       Move     8.2            Overall                           8.2

Red Bull, Raffaello x Lady Hawk, Elk Run Farm                              7.9

            Type     8.0       Move     7.7            Overall                           8.0

Castor, Chaleon x Grey Poppy, Stone Lilly Farm                              7.9

            Type     7.8       Move     8.0            Overall                           7.7

Fortune Hunter, Fabuleux x La Bohem,                                            7.9

            Type     8.0       Move     7.8            Overall                           8.1

Remarkable, Rakus x Raindevous, AC Sport Horses                       7.8

            Type     7.8       Move     7.8            Overall                          8.0    


Esmeralda, Escudo II x Midnight Heist, Catherine Ulrey                  8.3 Premium

            Type     8.1       Move    8.6            Overall                            8.3

Synamon Swirl, Sempatico x Bonita, Bluefield Farms                      8.2 Premium

            Type     8.3       Move     8.0            Overall                           8.3

Glitter, Graf Top x Allegra, Elk Run Farm                                       8.2 Premium

            Type     8.0       Move     8.3            Overall                           8.2

Roulette SLF, Routiner x Riverside Stor, Stone Lilly                       8.1 Premium

            Type     8.0       Move            8.1            Overall                    8.2

Felisa, Flemmingh x Diana, Bluefield Farms                                     8.4

            Type     7.8       Move     8.5            Overall     8.6

Persephone, Palladio x Princess Grace, Pheasant Hill Farm            8.1

            Type     7.7       Move     8.4            Overall                           8.2

Faith, Ferro x Slick Palida, Willow Spring Farm                              7.8

            Type     7.7       Move     8.3            Overall                           8.2


Inspection at Silver Lining Farm at Middlesex, PA


Ice Princess by Ideal and owned by Kristen Black of Chardon, Ohio, was the Filly Premium Champion at the September 17, inspection at Silver Lining Farm in West Middlesex, PA. with a score of 8.1 overall.

Ivy League also owned by Kristen Black and by Ideal scored a 7.7 overall.



Hi! I am Mikayla Schroeder and I have been riding Indie Wind, one of our babies by Ideal and out of our TB mare, for 4 years now. She is seven, and one of the best hoses that I could ask for! Recently, we competed at the Aspen Ridge horse Trial in Colorado and placed second among juniors and seniors in the Novice division. Indie is absolutely the most level-headed and all-around athlete that I can ask for. Whether she is galloping cross country, or going clean in the stadium phase, she is a wonderful performer that is very willing and responsive. She usually has consistent Dressage scores in the low thirties (in eventing), and at Aspen Ridge she got her best score ever- a 31.5! We ended up ordering a bunch of pictures from this show and I would love to share them with you as you have helped to make my partnership with Indie possible.                            


More Photos of Indie Wind Inside Click Here

Thanks for the nice letter and great photos! Carol

Some of your favorite Cover Photos have moved to PICTURE THIS and IDEAL OFFSPRING, NOW SHOWING and BLUE RIBBON ROUNDUP.

ICY RIVER gets warm reception as Champion Filly at ISR Oldenburg Inspection at Chestnut Lawn!


                                 Champion Filly with scores of 8.4  8.4, 8.4 = 8.4  
Icy River by Ideal and out of Ria d'Or by Riverman was the Champion Premium Filly at the Chestnut Lawn Farm ISR/Oldenburg N.A. inspection in Marshall, Virginia on September 21.  Amy Glass of Catlett, Virginia, is the owner of Icy River whose total score was 8.4
Amy went on to Dressage at Devon that week and placed in 3 classes with Icy River including winning the Adult Amateur Handlers class with an 82%!

Baby pictures of Icy River


Icy River a filly born Tuesday, April 29, is by Ideal and out of Ria d'Or a Premium mare by Riverman out of Cor Dia.  


In The S.Un's Spotlight at ISR Oldenburg Evaluation at Starr Vaughn  in California
8.5 in Movement   


Carie Coit writes ...

"I just wanted to update you on my colt.... he did great at the inspection!  His overall was an 8.1; unfortunately he missed premium because not all of his scores were over 8.0... but his movement score was 8.5!  I was really hoping to improve my mare's lack lustre movement and I did!!!  I'm so excited!"

In The S.Un's Spotlight  by Ideal and out of Don't Tell Mom was bred by Carrie Coit of Plymouth, California.

In Excess Champion at Starr Vaughn Equestrian in California

                    8.3, 8.4. 8.4 with a total score of 8.4.

Champion Premium Colt at his inspection site at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center in California.  In Excess by Ideal out of Zena by Flemmingh, scored 8.3, 8.4. 8.4 with a total score of 8.4.  In Excess was bred by Barbara West of Carmel Valley, California.

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